The compact construction of the Air Top 2000 STC means that it can be installed quickly either inside or outside the vehicle. This heater heats the air in the interior or cargo space quickly and quietly and keeps it constant at the chosen working temperature. Users can choose between recirculation and fresh-air modes.

The heater is easy to service and repair. Design and low fuel consumption make the Air Top 2000 STC economical to maintain.


2 kW heating capacity

Heats up quickly, more even and quiet heating procedure by use of fuel pump DP 42

Sturdy heater with compact dimensions and low fuel consumption

Easy to service and maintain, diagnostic capability

Suitable for use in vehicles for transporting hazardous materials (ADR)

Full W-bus compatibility of the heater

Continuous operation with the new SmartControl and MultiControl HD control elements

Use of Unibox no longer necessary