Ready for operation in hot climate

With various models of the Shelter series, Webasto provides the best solution. In practice, the reliable and durable systems excel due to their simple structure and low maintenance and service requirements. 

With the Breeze 7 and the UKG12 Webasto offers customised solutions for the air conditioning of box superstructure and containers. The robust systems are distinguished by their simple structure and the low maintenance and service expenditure. Compact Shelter A/C controls can also be used optionally to operate a heater.

Breeze 7

Breeze 7 is a split air conditioning system which consists of three modules of evaporator, condenser and compressor.

Product benefits

Self-contained ACU 5

With this air conditioner, Webasto offers suitable cooling solutions for containers or mobile tactical shelters of any size and dimension. The robust system excels in its simple installation, maintenance and servicing.

Product benefits

Tactical AC – Customised Solution

The compact self-contained air conditioner guarantees constant temperature and efficient operation under extreme climatic conditions. It has been especially designed for military tactical mobile shelter applications.

Product benefits