Which air conditioning solutions does Webasto offer?

Parking Cooler

Cool Top RTE 10: powerful compressor-driven rooftop solution efficiently cools and dehumidifies the driver’s cabin while the vehicle is parked – with the engine switched off.

Developed by Webasto, the cold accumulator solutions BlueCool Truck and Accusphere II provide hours of cooling when the engine is off. These cold temperatures are stored automatically in a phase change medium while the vehicle is moving. The 24 V Accusphere II cools the parked vehicle for up to 8 hours. During the day, the stored energy provides about three hours of cooling. The 12 V BlueCool Truck is available in the USA and provides comfortable cooling for up to 10 hours.

Roof top air conditioning units

A workplace with good air conditioning system enhances concentration and increases safety. Webasto compressor cooling systems are available in three variations. Their compact designs allow for fast and cost-effective installation.