Trust the Winner

No matter what aspect of our product is tested, the test winner for parking Heaters is always Webasto. Because Webasto tests its own devices under more extreme conditions that are more stringent than all test institutes. This is also substantiated by the awards of unbiased institutes and media

Thermo Top Evo: certified by TÜV South

Comparative tests of the TÜV (German Assoc. for Technical Inspection) South indicate: the Webasto solutions with the Thermo Top Evo defrost the windscreen faster with lower fuel and power consumption and therefore prove to be significantly more efficient than comparable competitive products.

TÜV Austria Certificate

In tests conducted by TÜV Austria, the Webasto Telestarts achieved 50% greater range than comparable competitor products.

Best Brand 2022 – for the 16th time

The readers of “auto motor und sport” are convinced of the quality of the market leader: they chose Webasto as the “Best Brand” in the Parking Heater category. Thus, Webasto is a serial winner in this category, having now been the recipient of this award for the thirteenth time.

DEKRA confirmed reduction of pollutants

The German Motor Vehicle Inspection Association DEKRA has subjected the Thermo Top Evo to extensive tests and confirmed: 
if the windscreen is covered by an even layer of ice, and the vehicle has been cooled for at least 8 hours at a temperature of -7 °C the windscreen will thaw within 30 minutes. 
DEKRA also confirmed that a pre-heated engine requires much less fuel when it starts and thus compensates a large part of the fuel consumed by the Webasto parking heater. DEKRA has been testing vehicles and technical plants since 1925.

Learn more how Webasto parking heaters were thoroughly and extensively tested.

Webasto chosen Best Brand

As it had been the previous year, Webasto once again won the “AUTO BILD – The best brands in all categories 2018/19” award. The majority of the readers of AUTO BILD voted for Webasto in the parking heater category.

Best Brand 2019 in Auto Zeitung

Webasto is rated “Top Brand 2019” in the parking heater category by the readers of Auto Zeitung and bears this title for the 6th time in a row.