Chiller air-conditioning systems
Whenever three or more independent volumes in a yacht need to be air-conditioned, it becomes worth considering a central chiller system. To distribute cooling capacity over several independently operating air handlers from one single central cooling unit, the most flexible and simple solution is to install a chilled water circulation system between the central unit and the air handlers. This mixed water / glycol circuit is maintained at approx. +4 °C. All Webasto chiller units are equipped with high efficiency multi-plate heat exchangers.

BlueCool Expert Tool
The new V-Series offers a unique new feature with the BlueCool Expert Tool connected via a single USB cable and a PC. On site servicing and remote assistance are now a child’s play.


Large power modulation range: 8,500-77,000 BTU

Variable speed BLDC compressors controlled by inverter technology

Zero electrical starting peak

Super quiet operation

High system availability via dynamic control of HP/LP boundary conditions

Adjustable amperage draw

Preventive maintenance monitoring system

Condensate free operation

Easy installation and maintenance

Low service and operation costs

Light and compact

Integrates Webasto’s BlueCool Expert diagnosis and set up tool