Systems for Every Use and Every Budget

Regardless of budget, Webasto has professional heating, cooling and air-conditioning systems for transportation of medicines. Thanks to its modular construction, we can offer a wide range of solutions tailor-made in line with your requirements. 

The cost-effective entry option

An integrated air-conditioning system complete with an operating element enables medication to be safely transported within a temperature range of 15° to 25° degrees Celsius. This basic configuration from Webasto is the ideal solution for small companies and subcontractors.

The following components are required:

For advanced requirements

With a slightly larger budget, your transporters can also be equipped with a high-performance Webasto air heater in addition to the integrated air-conditioning system - suitable for a temperature range from 15° to 25° degrees Celsius.

The following components are required:

The solution for professionals

By fitting extra equipment, we can prepare your vehicles in accordance with future transportation regulations set out by the European Union. This includes an air heater, a mobile cooling plant with or without a stand-by unit, an operating element as well as a data logger. The temperature range from 2° to 8° degrees Celsius can be reliably and consistently maintained within the cargo area - even overnight, when the vehicle is parked.

The following components are required:

Your individual made-to-measure solution

We are happy to develop fully customized solutions for you which are tailor-made to your specific transporter requirements. This includes optional operation of a transporter in two differing temperature ranges (2° C - 8° C and 15° C - 25° C). These can be provided with a data logger, if desired.

The following components are required: