Maximize Uptime.          Minimize Costs.

Proven solutions to improve engine and aftertreatment reliability. 

Understanding how DPF’s impact your maintenance budget may surprise you.

Results of a Recent Study Show:

  • High Idle-Times & Trucks Running Short Routes

  • 49% Face-Plugging

    32% Filter-Overloading

  • Average cost to replace a DPF is

     $2,500 - $8,000 PLUS 5-8 days downtime

  • Average cost to clean a DPF is

    $350 - $500 PLUS 2-3 days downtime

Webasto Coolant heaters integrate with the engine’s coolant system to heat and circulate engine coolant, without running the main power unit.


Thermp Top Evo

17,200 BTU

Thermo Pro 90

31,000 BTU

DBW 2010

45,000 BTU

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