CV Standard Battery Systems

The Webasto CV Standard Battery System is a modular system that is both scalable and stackable, allowing for a "customized" solution that is high in quality and affordable for your commercial application. This battery system was designed to meet basic build requirements, such as a voltage range of 400 V to 800 V, meet varying energy requirements by combining battery packs, as well as the different charging strategies.  Webasto has specifically developed the Vehicle Interface Box to allow for DC charging and provide the option for direct connection and integrated fuse protection for further loads. This allows a Plug & Play solution to meet the many different needs within the commercial vehicle market. 

Webasto  also provides our 360Service for our battery systems to cover Engineering, Testing & Validation, Aftersales Service and End-of-Life Service to ensure complete satisfaction with our CV Standard Battery System. 

CV Standard Battery System

Webasto CV Standard Battery System is a modular and customizable system for commercial vehicles, with up to 350 kWh of storage and is configurable in 400 V or 800 V systems. 

  • Scalable and stackable up to 10 packs
  • Energy Content: 35 kWh per battery pack
  • Maximum Performance: 115 / 150 kW
  • DC charging enabled
  • Designed for an ambient temperature of -30 °C to 60 °C

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