Aftertreatment Solutions That Improve Engine Readiness

Trucks are meant to be driven, not idled. Cold starting, idling for warmth or cooling can contribute to early DPF failure. This failure can lead to revenue loss due to downtime, increased fuel consumption, additional maintenance costs due to early engine wear out and harmful emissions.

Webasto Has Solutions

As a leader in aftertreatment technology, Webasto Coolant Heaters can help you minimize additional maintenance and fuel costs due to failing DPFs.

Trouble With DPFs?

CARB Approved + EPA SmartWay

Independent testing shows that using a Webasto coolant heater to pre-heat an engine can significantly improve DPF performance:

Reduced Emissions

Green Technology

Fuel Savings

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Increased ROI

Thermo Top C

8,600 - 17,200 BTU/h

Thermo Pro 90

6,100 - 26,000 BTU/h / 31,000 BTU/h

DBW 2010

45,000 BTU/h

Webasto Coolant Heater Benefits