Advantages of a heating system

Air and coolant heating systems with differing function and heat output ranges provide a pleasant working environment and an optimum temperature for the cargo area even with extreme external temperatures. They also help prevent the engine from idling.

Air Heaters

A cozy, warm cabin when starting work, a clear view without ice and snow - and all whilst being simple to assemble and operate. Comfortable and warm in the cab during breaks and overnight. Air heaters from Webasto make your vehicles comfortable, efficient and fit for winter in a cost-effective way.

Coolant Heaters

Cold engines are inefficient, wear and tear increases and the service life of the engine is shortened. Installation of a Webasto coolant heater is the best solution. It is integrated within the cooling circuit of the engine. This guarantees that the engine will start even with extremely low temperatures outside. In addition, the cab is preheated to a
pleasant temperature. Fuel-intensive idle time during rest and downtimes is a thing of the past.