Coolant Heating Solutions

Webasto coolant heaters for the RV market provide an ample supply of warm air via dash board air outlets. Coolant heaters pre-heat the RV engine providing a environmentally friendly low-emission vehicle. 

Thermo Top C

The Webasto Thermo Top C is compact and reliable, utilizing proven technology with millions of units currently in use. Its high output in a small package makes it the perfect solution for engine pre-heating, fuel savigs and emission reduction.

  • Heat output: 8,600 - 17,200 BTU/h (2.5 - 5 kW)
  • Supply of warmth via the air outlets in the dash board
  • Uses as little as 1 Gallon (3.8 l) of fuel in a 10 hour period
  • CARB approved and EPA SmartWay verified
  • Diesel-fueled, directly fed from the tank

Data Sheet

Thermo Pro 90

The Webasto Thermo Pro 90 has been specially designed for fuel savings and low energy consumption, while providing engine pre-heating and interior temperature regulation.

  • Heat output: 6,100 - 26,000 BTU/h (1.8  - 7.6 kW)
  • Boost heating capacity: 31,000 BTU/h (9.1 kW)
  • Arctic Start function provides quick-heat in extreme temperatures
  • Diesel-fueled, directly fed from the tank
  • 12V / 24V

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SmarTemp Control fx 2.0

Upgrade your standard controller with the Webasto SmarTemp Control fx 2.0, which is designed specifically to work with Webasto Coolant Heaters. 

    • Temperature selector dial 
    • 24 hour programmable heater start time
    • Displays set temperature and ambient bunk temperature

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