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More than a charging station:

Control Center

Are you planning to introduce or extend electric mobility in your vehicle fleet? Webasto is your trusted partner, who will be at your side through every phase of the project.  

We begin by analyzing your infrastructure and planning the charging requirements of your fleet, and continue right through to the installation and commissioning of your charging stations. In short, Webasto is always there for you. 

Furthermore the Webasto Charging Portal offers you a tailor-made solution for managing your charging infrastructure – the Control Center.

More than a charging station:



Needs analysis & concept

Electric mobility requires an efficient and well thought-out charging infrastructure. That’s why Webasto analyzes your demand jointly with you, securing peace of mind for future expansion should you wish to enlarge your electric fleet in future.

Our Control Center provides monitoring and billing options, remote maintenance, usage restrictions, and integration in a dynamic load management system, based on your employees’ charging behavior.

Together with you, Webasto creates a sustainable, individual and perfectly adapted concept for your sites and electric fleet.



Site analysis

In the site analysis, we examine how the concept we have created can be put into practice at your site.

This involves checking the connection situation and electrical infrastructure, for example. Here, we need to consider standards and regulations, identify the necessary permits, and flag up any potential risks or impediments.



Planning phase

Based on the information obtained from the site analysis, Webasto plans the implementation of your project in every detail. The analysis includes all the measures required for the problem-free installation of your charging infrastructure.

Webasto is your partner and provides specialist knowledge to assist you in expanding your building connection, planning civil engineering works, and obtaining the relevant permits from the grid operator.

When the planning phase is complete, you will receive a personalized quotation that includes the project plan for installing and commissioning your individual charging infrastructure.




Webasto has a Europe-wide network of certified installation partners.

Webasto’s partners install your new charging infrastructure in close consultation with our Webasto project managers – fast, uncomplicated, and perfectly adapted to your existing infrastructure.




Following installation, Webasto’s installation partners perform initial commissioning and function testing of the charging infrastructure.

Commissioning also includes initial instruction on using your new charging system, with all the necessary functions, documentation and training videos.




With Webasto as your partner, you will also continue to benefit from made-to-measure services after your charging infrastructure has been commissioned.

On-call service, maintenance and carrying out the necessary routine servicing of your charging infrastructure – on our service hotline you can reach Webasto around the clock.



Peace of mind for your investment

With Webasto’s over-the-air update service, you can keep your charging infrastructure constantly up to date via the internet.

This way, you can always count on the latest technology, as well as future innovations.

Start now in the electromobility and request for your individual offer.

The intelligent control of your electric fleet

  • Live status
  • Controlling
  • Load management
  • Remote control
  • Diagnosis
Live status

Live status of the charging infrastructure

A constant, perfect overview of your electric fleet

As the fleet manager, you will have a perfect overview of your electric fleet at all times, at any site.

  • Monitoring and management: Overview of all charge points
  • Information on the status and location of individual charge points
  • Settings and/or overview of the various charging infrastructure parameters, such as commissioning date, time zone, IP address, ICCID, charging station ID, online/offline
  • Download reports on individual charging processes

Live status

Live status

Reporting and billing

Transparency at a glance

Enjoy ideal cost transparency for keeping an eye on your TCO (total cost of ownership).

  • Reimbursement of costs: Employees charge their car at home and can settle the cost of electricity for charging via their employer
  • Set the price per kWh
  • Cost overview of all charging processes on company premises
  • All charging data are available for billing, in detail down to the user and the minute
  • Creation of various reports


Load management

Dynamic load management

Optimize your energy costs with dynamic load management

Thanks to dynamic load management, you can make the best possible use of your existing infrastructure (e.g. load distribution in the event of overload).

  • Connection via internal LAN or Wi-Fi
  • Automatic phase recognition at the start of the charging process
  • Individually configure the minimum current per charge point
  • Smart charging and rate-optimized charging can be added to the standard local load management system
  • Supports several external meters
  • Optimum usage of the existing power supply

Load management

Load management
Remote control

Remote control

Manage your charge points centrally by mouse

With a simple mouse click, you can manage charge points from your Control Center+. You can centrally control and manage individual functions via remote commands.

  • You can also start and end a charging process remotely
  • Software updates: New software and firmware can be updated without problem on the Webasto Live
  • Lock and unlock charge points
  • Reboot a charge point via soft and hard reset
  • Perform remote diagnosis
  • Check and enable access authorizations to individual charge points

Remote control

Remote control


Check the live status of your charging station at any time

Find out the status of every charging station via remote diagnosis, and maintain an optimum overview of your electric fleet.

  • Trigger messages as part of diagnosis: Technical messages tell you the status of your charging station
  • Perform remote maintenance, such as deleting the cache or rebooting the firmware
  • Out-of-service settings for simple remote maintenance
  • Maintain an overview of available charging stations for your electric fleet, and their current status


User management

User management

Control and manage usage rights to your charging infrastructure

Fleet users, employees and visitors – whoever it is, you are fully in control of user management for your charging infrastructure.

  • Authorization of charging rights: Enable your employees to charge using the Webasto Live
  • Manage user rights of fleet members
  • Maintain an overview of charging processes per user
  • View information on various charging details, e.g. vehicle model

User management

User management

The new Webasto Live


Technical Information

Webasto Live at a glance

• Tailored to your requirements: Type 2 connector, up to 22 kW charging power, 4.5 m or 7 m cable length
• Integrated DC residual current sensor and MID-compliant meter for calibrated measurement
• Future-proof thanks to online updates
• Plug & Charge (ISO 15118) for greater convenience
• Custom-made digital services, including remote access via the Webasto Charging Portal, integration of the Webasto Charging app, live status, charging data reports 
• OCPP 1.6 for supporting commercially available backend systems
• DESFire support ensures maximum security when using RFID
• Integrated 4G modem for a future-proof standard
• Charging power is dynamically adapted to ensure support for solar and rate-optimized charging

The advantages for your Control Center


Central control of your charging infrastructure is so simple

Webasto Live and its innovative connectivity support the fleet manager

• Connectivity as the Control Center+ and Webasto Live charging station are perfectly harmonized
• Convenient remote control via remote commands
• Simple user management for fleet users, employees and visitors
• Absolute cost transparency and cost control thanks to detailed charging data reports
• Diverse billing options, such as charging a company car at home, for example
• Functions directly via a SIM card, with no need to involve the user’s own supply system
• Backend access also via LAN/Wi-Fi
• Complete control over your electric fleet at all times via the Portal+
• Numerous functions can be made available to every employee on various frontends (Portal +, app)
• Flexibility of backend link-up with OCPP 1.6
• Future-proof product (OCPP 2.0 planned, RFID, 4G, ISO 15118)
• Saves investment and energy costs thanks to a load management system that adapts perfectly to the power supply
• High cyber security

The advantages for your electric fleet users


Easy to use on the move

Webasto Live ensures easy everyday charging as your electric fleet goes about its business

• Mobile control thanks to the Webasto LiveApp: Start and end charging processes, view all charging processes, live status, etc. (available for iOS and Android)
• Authentication with LiveAccess (RFID technology)
• Reimbursement for charging at home: Employees can conveniently charge their company car at home with Webasto Live, then simply bill the required charging power


  • What is ISO 15118 (Plug & Charge)?

    ISO 15118 enables the automated and secure exchange of data between the vehicle and the charging infrastructure. When the charging cable is first plugged in, the vehicle sends the driver’s encrypted authorization data. If authorization is successful, charging begins automatically. Payment is completed automatically.

    Can I connect an external meter to the Webasto Live?

    Yes, you can store this in the configuration menu.

  • How are physical settings made on the station, such as a DIP switch?

    This is done on the local frontend, via the configuration interface.

    Can the pre-configuration be changed?

    Yes, the Webasto pre-configuration can be changed. However, this should be done on site by the installation partner.

    Do I have to do the configuration settings myself?

    All Webasto Live units are delivered pre-configured. Nevertheless, you will need to carry out some configuration settings via the user interface. 

  • How is the Wi-Fi interface used? 

    The quality of the Wi-Fi connection always depends greatly on location. Outdoors and in multi-story parking lots, we therefore recommend a GSM connection, as this is easiest to install and maintain. A LAN connection is recommended if network coverage is inadequate. Wi-Fi and a LAN connection make sense when there is no sufficient network coverage.

    Which energy management systems will Webasto Live probably also be compatible with in future? Is PV-optimized charging possible and is Webasto Live HEMS (home energy management system) ready?

    Webasto is in talks with several HEMS providers. An open communication standard via EEBus is planned. Connection to a PV system is also currently in planning.

  • How do I know if I have sufficient network coverage?

    Please check the signal strength at the planned installation location, by looking at the display on your mobile devices. A constant network connection via GSM must be available.

    What are my options if network coverage is insufficient?

    In general, you can use a LAN or Wi-Fi connection for the Webasto backend, in addition to GSM. This will require a separate installation, however.

  • Can I authenticate myself on the Webasto Live?

    The product package includes two RFID tokens with which you can authenticate yourself on the Webasto Live. You can also pick up your own RFID token or white label RFID tags via the configuration menu. 

  • Does the Webasto Live satisfy the requirements of the German Weights and Measures Law, and can you guarantee billing in accordance with this law?

    No, but Webasto are already working on a solution for you.

  • Can tariffs (per kWh) also be mapped with the backend? Is it also possible to bill the employee’s costs via an interface using the company’s own software? 

    You can select and configure your own tariff. However, it’s important to note that Webasto Live does not have meters that conform to the German Weights and Measures Law. External connection to your ERP system via an interface is possible. 

    How can the backend be accessed via the Webasto Live?

    There are three communication channels:

    • GSM: M2M eSIM with global network coverage, 2G, 3G, 4G (recommended by Webasto)
    • Wi-Fi
    • LAN

    What does it cost to use the backend?

    Backend services are in the cost of our packages. Please let us send you a quotation.

    Can a charge point be accessed in the backend without logging on?

    No, this isn’t possible.

Start now in the electromobility and request for your individual offer.

Further information on our charging solutions are available at www.webasto-charging.com