Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems

High Performance HVAC Systems for Vehicle Availability

Modular and Flexible Air Conditioning Systems are adapted specifically for defense vehicles and provide efficient cooling of the vehicle and its drivers. The systems are flexible, modular design and provide a range of cooling capacities along with various mounting orientations and versatile connection options.

Shelter Air-Conditioning ensures Personnel Readiness

Webasto takes cooling to the next level with its reliable and robust range mobile shelter cooling products using field experience gained from all over the world.

These units provide outstanding performance and high quality. A full line of split and compact air-conditioning systems are available so your solution is engineered to fit your needs.

Integrated AC Systems (6 - 9 kW)

Integrated AC Systems (9 - 12 kW)

Integrated AC Systems (12 - 16 kW)

Defense Specific Air Conditioning Systems

HEPA Filtration Systems

HFT 300-600

CBRN Ventilation Units

Shelter Air Conditioning Systems

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