Your customised climate solution

In tropical weather conditions, keeping a cool head at all times is not that easy. Webasto air-conditioning systems provide relief, thus ensuring permanent operational readiness in these regions as well. That applies equally for the crew and the equipment.

Your customised climate solution

The keyword is: "tropicalization". The suitable air-conditioning system to make your equipment heat and moisture proof. To perfectly suit your requirements as an uncomplicated retrofit kit or as an individual system solution. Our developers focus on exceptional ruggedness and simple maintenance capabilities!  Please feel free to explore our Phases modell that we developed to create your individual air-conditioning solution.

Application and product development

For over 110 years, Webasto has been a reliable partner when it comes to system development of heating and air-conditioning components for vehicles. Webasto utilizes a proven product realization process which structures the way in which individual applications are engineered. We provide optimum support over the entire course of the project from its inception to onsite installation and spare parts management - anywhere in the world!

Phase 1: Defining the customer requirements
In the first step we define your specific requirements and work with you to determine which solution is the right one for you.

Phase 2: Concept development and simulation
CFD and structural simulation help provide valuable information with regard to air flow and system structural behaviour. System robustness and optimal climatic conditions can be predicted.

Phase 3: Design
Once the solution has been decided upon, we decide on both the mechanical and the thermodynamic design.

Phase 4: Analyses and tests
From the RAMS analysis to EMV tests, all the way to shock and vibration: we subject the system to a thorough testing and validation plan in Webasto's in house climate chamber. 

Phase 5: Documentation
Important end user documents, such as the maintenance manual and the operation manual, are produced.

Phase 6: Installation
After all instructions have been written, the climate control system can be put to practice. Our experts will assist you with the installation as well as commissioning.

Phase 7: In service
Now things are starting to get really serious for the climate control system. We will continue to take care of you with personal service and maintenance at your customer’s site.

Realized projects

The customer projects we have implemented are based on standardized climate solutions for truck and armored personnel vehicles. We were able to execute these projects quickly and flexibly to meet the requirements of renowned international vehicle manufacturers.

Armored personnel carrier
This individual Micro-Climate Solution is designed for an armored personnel carrier with a 4 kW cooling performance in the driver cab including 7 and 8 kW units in the crew space.

Mobile workstation
This individually adapted roof-top solution with its compact design and high cooling capacity for technical shelter or ambulance vehicles enables missions in extreme-climate zones.

Observation vehicle
This specialized air-conditioning system has been created for use in extremely hot environments, featuring 16 kW cooling capacity and very robust housing. It has been developed in accordance with military standards for an observation vehicles in crisis regions.

Logistics vehicle
A very flat rooftop air-conditioner for easy installation consists of a robust housing with a cooling power of 7 kW. Supporting dehumidification of the cabin is no problem for this system.


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