Extreme heat on the outside – cool climate inside

Boats are your and our passion. On the open sea the sun heats up your boat quickly. Enjoy the sun outside and keep cool below deck whenever you wish a refreshment. 
Our large product portfolio of self-contained air-conditioning systems up to large chiller systems leaves nothing to be desired. With our wide power range we provide cooling capacities from 5,000 BTU/h up to 1,500,000 BTU/h. It is up to you to decide which technology is best suited for your boat or yacht.

Relax while a Webasto air-conditioning system is working for you.

BlueCool Connect and Connect App

BlueCool Connect offers the same functions as if you would be on the spot, but with the comfort of doing it from anywhere in the world.

  • Connectivity is as simple as that
  • Integration into multifunctional display
  • Operating the Air Condition
  • Remote Condition Monitoring

Self-contained air-conditioning units

Self-contained cooling units are the best solution for boats with up to three cabins. Every cabin is equipped with one unit which is dimensioned according to the cabin's cooling / heating demand.

Chiller air-conditioning systems

For larger boats with several cabins a central chilled water system is often the best choice. It consists of a chiller A/C unit which is typically installed in the engine room and individual air handlers for each cabin

Fresh Air Systems

BlueCool F-Series fresh air systems are the ideal complement to your central chiller system. Fresh outside air is filtered and cooled before it is brought into the cabin at the ideal comfort temperature. Stale air is extracted and transported to the outside.

Integrated Solutions

Two temperature preferences – one reliable system. Webasto offers the BlueComfort system for total independence from environmental conditions. It consists of a water heating system and air conditioner integrated into a single system.

Our Marine Heating Products

Heaters have a longstanding tradition at Webasto. For more than 80 years we have been at the cutting edge when it comes to the development of fuel-operated heating technology. Leading manufacturers and boat builders rely on the advanced design and technology of our Webasto heaters.

Our Marine Roof Solutions

Light and fresh air are essentials aboard a boat or yacht. Webasto offers you a wide range of marine roof solutions, to be customized to the shape, size and design of your deck. They benefit from Webasto’s worldwide technological leadership in automotive sunroofs.

Easy access to drinks and food

Enjoying fresh food even on the high seas - that’s indispensable for the health and well-being of the crew. Discover our comfort solutions for your boat.

Accessories for cooling systems

Webasto has an extensive portfolio of accessories for cooling systems. If you are looking for air and water systems, pumps, blower modules or fresh air and air extraction units etc. here you will find the right component for your boat.

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