Optimal conditions for any time of the year.

Transporters are used daily and ensure that goods or people safely reach their destination regardless of the weather conditions. To do so, drivers must be able to rely on the technology that is on board. This is especially true of air-conditioning and cooling systems - as these provide comfort and safety. Webasto offers a wide range of high-performance systems to suit specialized transport requirements. Whether it is fresh produce, temperature-sensitive medication or a driver's cab at a comfortable temperature - we have a tailor-made solution for all vehicle types and for all purposes.

Optimal conditions for any time of the year.

Ideal working temperatures

Air-conditioning systems from Webasto efficiently and continuously ensure a pleasant working environment. The rooftop and integrated air-conditioning solutions can be installed quickly and easily.

Freshness within the cargo area

Efficient and reliable: Tailor-made refrigeration solutions from Webasto allow for transportation at the right temperature.

Ideal conditions for medicines

Webasto heating and cooling systems for transporting pharmaceuticals provide a stable environment in the cargo area. Therefore, your medicines are always transported safely.

Webasto Priority Service

Quick help and easy handling, low annual contribution and extended guarantee. With the Webasto Priority Service, your goods are perfectly protected.

Awarded "Best Brand"

Awarded numerous times: Webasto was chosen as “Best Brand” in the category air-conditioning / heating for commercial vehicles for the 12th time. Survey of the German magazines “transaktuell”, “lastauto omnibus” and “Fernfahrer”, 2017/06.

Webasto Service 360°

We offer services that provide value to our customers. A service that unites all the competencies of our company for each and every individual solution.


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