Finally Electrically!

Inexpensive and environmentally friendly: The innovative new, retrofittable eThermo Top Eco parking heater for fuel-operated vehicles spreads the familiar Webasto feel-good heat in your car. Fed by electric power, it quickly clears the ice from your window and powerfully preheats the engine.

And you get all this at an attractive introductory price.

Finally Electrically!

High Performance and Comfort!

All yoou need to operate the electric parking heater is a conventional 230 V outlet. Just plug in the power cord and you’re good to go. The eThermo Top Eco is available in 2 versions – depending on the fuse protection of your power connection.


As soon as the electric parking heater runs, the trickle charge function of the battery is automatically activated. This compensates for energy needed to run the fan. That means: You can run the parking heater without straining the car battery!

Up to 40% cheaper

The electric eThermo Top Eco is substantially cheaper than fuel-operated parking heaters - up to 40%, depending on the vehicle model.

Also Use it in the Garage

This parking heater runs completely emission-free - not just good for the environment, but for you as well. So you can conveniently heat in the garage. And the well preheated engine produces fewer pollutants right from the start.

Plug in and heat up

All it takes to use the eThermo Top Eco is a standard 230 V plug socket. You can start it whenever the vehicle is connected to the power source via the charging cable. You can operate the new eThermo Top Eco conveniently with a 16 A timer on the socket.



How it Works

1. Power source 230 V outlet.
2. The circulation pump conveys coolant through the parking heater, vehicle heater, engine and back.
3. The coolant is heated in the parking heater.
4. The coolant gives off heat to the air in the vehicle heat exchanger.
5. The heated air is disseminated into the interior via the car’s own fan.*
6. The coolant is transported on to engine and heats it up as well.*
7. Trickle charge function of vehicle battery during heating operation. 

* optional

Fast clear visibility

Even in the deep of winter, you can drive right off with a clear view - without having consumed even one drop of fuel. The electric heater warms up the air, the fan brings it right to the windshield.

The 2-in-1 Heater

The parking heater heats the interior and engine simultaneously. A circulation pump warms the engine evenly while the fan blows warm air to you inside and right onto the windshield, which is thus quickly de-iced.