Quality confirmed by DEKRA

The "German Motor Vehicle Inspection Association DEKRA" has subjected the Thermo Top Evo to extensive tests and confirmed: If the front windscreen is covered by an even layer of ice and the vehicle has been cooled for 8 hours at a temperature of -7°C, the windscreen thaws within 30 minutes.
DEKRA also confirmed that a pre-heated engine needs much less fuel during starting and thus compensates a large part of the fuel consumed by the Webasto parking heater.

DEKRA has been testing vehicles and technical plants since 1925.

Our best subject: The Webasto cold chamber.

The test vehicles are cooled at -10°C for at least 8 hours in the cold chamber and a defined layer of ice applied to the windscreens. The heating of the passenger compartment and de-icing of the windows is measured when the parking heater is activated.

Fatigue and endurance test

The parking heater is switched on and off in near-practical conditions to simulate the load over the entire lifetime.

Salt-moisture-rain test

A saline solution is sprayed onto the heater for several days to test its anti-corrosive properties over its entire service life.


The dimensional accuracy of individual components is tested in a highly sensitive 3D measuring machine before they are even assembled.

Vibration test

The heater is attached to a special carrier and subjected to a tough vibration test. In this way we test the toughness and durability of the individual parts.