Marine Integrated Solutions

Marine Integrated Solutions

Full performance in all conditions

Seafarers do not like limits. That is why Webasto has developed solutions to extend the boating season. Most air-conditioning systems features a circuit inversion function which allows the system to be used for heating.

Clever heating and air-conditioning

This integrated system uses the same water lines, fan heat exchangers, air ducts and cabin control modules for both heating and air conditioning operation. For user-friendly operation, the main system is regulated by a controller and each cabin has individual controls to adjust the temperature and blower speed.

The BlueComfort Premium system offers two integration options: The basic and the deluxe version.

Innovation to touch

The next generation of control elements.
New MyTouch display control unit as standard for all BlueCool A/C series. Intuitive operation thanks to simple symbols and a clearly organized control menu in ten languages.

Compatible with Vimar Eikon, Eikon Evo and other cover plates.

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