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BlueComfort Premium

Clever heating and air-conditioning comfort. In a BlueComfort Premium system, a yacht air-conditioner and a diesel-fired boat heater are integrated into a single system. The use of a water heater guarantees full heat output, even at low seawater temperatures when inverse circuit operation reaches its limits.

BlueCool A-Series

Important components for your chiller system. The central chiller unit is typically installed in the engine room, providing chilled water/glycol to all cabins via a water circuit. One or more air handler(s) in each cabin are fitted to generate the required cooling capacities individually in each room.

BlueCool C-Series

Chiller air-conditioning solutions. Whenever three or more independent areas in a yacht need to be air-conditioned, a central chiller system is the right choice. The system features one central control unit and a separate control panel for each cabin. For smaller chiller systems up to 108,000 BTU / h the BlueCool C-Series is the perfect choice.

BlueCool Drive 40

To reduce stress levels during the drive and to ensure that you enjoy the journey, Webasto has developed the new BlueCool Drive 40 air-conditioning system. The kit is integrated into the cooling circuit of the vehicle’s own air-conditioning system, which creates a total cooling circuit. So, in a flash, you’ve expanded your existing air-conditioner.

BlueCool P-Series

The new professional chiller systems for medium to large boats and superyachts are highly customizable to the demands of shipyards and national legislation. In addition to a wide range of cooling capacities, many options can be selected to customize the chiller to your needs. All BlueCool P-Series chiller are available as 400 V/3-phase versions. On most models 208 V / 3-phase or 230 V / single phase is available as well.

BlueCool Q-Series

A large chiller system always needs to be customized to each boat in order to meet the demands of shipyards, owners, classification societies and national legislation. To cover cooling performances from 500,000 up to 1,500,000 BTU / h. Webasto offers the BlueCool Q-Series.

BlueCool S-Series

Self-contained cooling units are the best solution for boats with up to three cabins. Every cabin is equipped with one unit which is dimensioned according to the cabin's cooling/heating demand.

BlueCool V-Series

Variable speed chiller air-conditioning system. The BlueCool V-Series brings innovation to the industry with the latest technology for maximum performance in varying weather conditions. The BlueCool V-Series, including the three capacity models V50 M, V64 T & V77 T, with a cooling capacity up to 77,000 BTU is suitable for boats with three or more independent cabins.

Cool Top RTE 10

An ideal climate with the electric parking cooler system for trucks. This powerful rooftop air-conditioning system ensures pleasant temperatures and humidity in truck cabins.

Frigo Top 10 I-E/I-ES

Integrated and battery-operated transport refrigeration system, fully integrated in vehicles with cargo space volumes up to 5 m3 for transporting perishables.