This chiller system consists of 4 different modular sizes which may be flexibility combined to provide up to 1 Mio BTU/h. The V-PRO system comes with a number of intelligent functions and optional accessories to match your demands. 

Advantages of our V-PRO Series

4 units - 2 sizes - ONE system: 4 modular units of 60, 90, 130 or 180 kBTU/h, providing up to 1 Mio BTU/h of system cooling capacity 


Variable speed technology for best efficiency 

Highest cooling performance with high efficiency inverter, variable speed scroll compressor and energy saving ECO modes

High system availability 

Fully autonomous units for high system availability and continuous operation


Unified hydraulic connection 

Layout of hydraulic connection is identical for all 4 models 

Water flow monitoring 

Water flow integrated for safe and reliable operation 


Powerful user interface 

Full color touch-screen display. Fully redundant, each shows overall system data, multiple languages

Outstanding corrosion resistance 

Titanium sea water heat exchanger for outstanding corrosion resistance 


Combination of autonomous units 

Simple network cable immediately creates overall system control