For an ideal climate in your RV
The Cool Top Trail air conditioners are suitable for use in parked motorhomes and caravans of up to 10 m length. With their generously sized heat exchangers they have a high efficiency and high performance. Their reliability and high cooling capacity has already been proven in very hot Australian summers with up to 50 °C outside temperatures. The units come with heat pump function as a standard which is also very powerful, working in cold outside temperatures of as low as -5 °C.

High performance at low noise
Very low noise levels allow you to rest and relax inside the vehicle and not disturb your neighbors in the RV campsite. The use of high-quality components ensures a long lifetime with a minimum expenditure on maintenance. Made from UV stabilized polypropylene, the housing of the units is robust but still lightweight. The units can be operated with an easy to handle remote control which allows the user to access all air conditioner functions from the comfort of the dining area, seat or bed. Besides cooling and heating the units include various extra features such as dehumidification, timer and sleep function.


Discover our new Cool Top Trail 28V and 36V with Variable Speed Compressor technology, tested and approved by Marcel Schrötter, Motorbike European Champion:

“I have equipped my campervan with the new Cool Top Trail 28V and I am using it for my trainings, for my holidays and it is also my place to sleep when I go to the races. 

The very powerful and silently system allows me to recover quickly after the races and also sleep well.“ 

Advantages of Cool Top Trail Models

Powerful units with high cooling and heating capacity

Robust, lightweight and low noise

Wide operating range from -5 to 50 °C

Low profile and compact design

Easy installation