The best of diesel and gas - Hybrid solutions. 

Webasto and Whale use these perfect synergies and work together on a common innovation strategy. The collaboration focuses on product development and product integration to be able to offer complete system solutions for our customers. Webasto is in charge of presenting these solutions and introducing new products to Continental Europe and support Whale’s European RV product service network.

Therefore, Webasto now offers the innovative Hybrid Solution with benefits for both, RV users and RV manufacturers. This system combines a Webasto air heater with a Whale boiler for warm water and offers unique advantages: A smart solution for diesel-fueled heating with a gas-operated boiler system - fully underfloor.


More space inside thanks to complete underfloor installation possibility

Quick heat-up times thanks to the power-boost function

High overall heating power (5 or 7 kW)

Heating power always 100% available for both functions:

Cabin heating and hot water

High hot water availability even in winter times

Increase of payload by up to 33 kg

Gas bottles last much longer

Installation flexibility: Air Top air heater as well as Expanse water heater can be mounted inside or outside the vehicle

Reduction of weight: Because of diesel-fueled heating and LPG gas-operated sanitary water heating only one, or two small gas bottles may be used

Easy installation in existing layouts without furniture adaptations possible

Better handling flexibility