Webasto Range Plus

Increase electric range in cold weather by up to 80 km

Retrofit heating solution for e-vans

Battery independent air heating solution increases comfort and extends electric range.

Challenges in cold weather

During the cold winter months, electric vans struggle to meet their stated range due to the increased power consumption of the heating system. This leads to issues for operators of package delivery services, who may have to shorten and re-route their daily driving routes and may also affect the transportation of sensitive and perishable goods due to the unheated cargo area.

Webasto Range Plus kit is the solution

The retrofit solution Range Plus is designed to provide powerful and efficient heating by means of an Air Top 2000 STC air heater, which causes no strain on traction battery for resistance heating. Range Plus solution allows electric transporters, workshop and shuttle vans to travel further on one charge.

This means that fleet operators and drivers of e-LCVs do not have to charge as often and thus save time on their routes. Additionally, the Range Plus kit can provide a comfortable and warm environment for passengers and cargo, even during the coldest winter days.

Extended range and environmentally friendly

The Range Plus kit can increase the range of your electric vans by up to 80 km* in cold weather conditions. This is achieved by reducing the load on the battery and providing an alternative source of heat.

Additionally, when using paraffinic fuels (e.g. HVO), the operation of auxilary heater is exceptionally environmentally friendly which keeps emissions low, but still allowing to extend your electric range and avoid re-routes for charging breaks. This means that the driver can operate on schedule and in comfort, even during the coldest winter days.

* Proof of concept with Mercedes Benz eVito Tourer (2022)

Perfect comfort. Anywhere. Anytime.

The solution is exceptionally advantageous for further application posibilities, and negates the major problems of electric vans:

  • Student transport: due to waiting times between tours without charging possibility and frequent door opening
  • Transport of disabled or sick persons: due to waiting times between tours without charging possibility and frequent door opening, as well as increased heat demand of passengers due to movement restrictions
  • Mobile workplace: workshop or office vehicle with long off-grid standby times e.g. for monitoring activities or assembly work in the field
  • Transport & storage of temperature sensitive materials like flowers, paint, medicine in areas where charging of the vehicle is impossible

Electrification of electric vans

Battery Electric Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) are gaining popularity in the logistics and transportation industry as they offer a zero-emission solution for last-mile delivery and shuttle services in environmental zones or city centers. However, one of the biggest challenges faced by operators of electric transporters and shuttle vans is the limited range and comfort in cold weather conditions.

Convenient solution for fast installation

The Range Plus air heater kit includes:

  1. Vehicle specific installation manuals and technical documentation
  2. DEKRA approved additional fuel tank with ca. 8 liters capacity and refueling nozzle, which guarantees 50 hours of effective heating
  3. The auxiliary air heater from Air Top Range, that can also operate on paraffinic fuels
  4. All required electrical & mechanical installation parts
  5. A set of individually selected air distribution hoses to guide warm air into the driver’s cabin, cargo compartment and passenger area

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