Roof Solutions for Retrofitting

Would you like more light and fresh air in your car? No problem: Webasto has the largest selection of roof solutions. Whether sunroofs, panorama roofs or folding roofs - they can all be retrofitted to meet your exact needs. And if you’re looking to have a roof over your head on your boat: Webasto has that too.

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For your Car

Would you love to have more air in your car without catching a draft? Or are you dreaming of a clear view of the sky? A beautiful sunroof or panorama roof are so easy to retrofit: with Webasto roof solutions.

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To Roof Solutions for your Boat

For your Boat

Light and fresh air even below deck? Webasto has high-grade roof solutions for that. Thanks to decades of experience, we constantly develop advanced kinematics, materials and water management. For more comfort on your boat or yacht.

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Solutions for Business Owners

Webasto offers high-quality roof systems for small and mid-size companies. And we always find an appropriate solution for large companies and special transport requirements. Our comprehensive range of services allows you to meet every challenge.

For Construction and Agricultural Equipment

A window that conforms perfectly to any cabin shape? A roof with nanocoating that is as scratchproof as real glass, but doesn’t splinter? All this is feasible with Webasto roof solutions for construction and agricultural equipment.

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For Special Purpose Vehicles

Draft-free fresh air flow and optimal light can be of vital importance in special purpose vehicles. Webasto roof solutions improve ambient climate, thereby supporting the driver’s capacity to stay focused - and the vitality of the patient.

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For Buses

Webasto offers an extensive range of roof hatches for every vehicle type: for the best traveling comfort thanks to optimum ventilation and air distribution with maximum safety.

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