Innovative Roof Solutions with Tradition

As the leading manufacturer of roof systems, Webasto also provides diverse roof solutions for construction and agricultural equipment. They range from the classical retrofit to the customized polycarbonate solution and those that have been optimized in line with market demands.

Innovative Roof Solutions Have a Long Tradition

As a manufacturer steeped in the tradition of producing convertible and sunroofs for cars, we have helped shape many innovations in this sector.
Our current position as a leading supplier of static and movable glazing systems for the automotive industry allows us to provide just the right solution even for specific requirements – from a reasonably priced sliding roof all the way to high-tech panes with automatic dimming.

A pane that perfectly adapts to every cab shape? That boasts a nano-coated surface that is nearly as scratch-resistant as real glass but which doesn't splinter? That heats up a cab less, even in full sunlight? And that is not only lighter but also less expensive than a comparable glass pane? With injection molding and a coating of polycarbonate, you get all that – and even more.
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Retrofit Roofs

This special roof provides the maximum comfort and ease of operation. The preferred supply of fresh air can be regulated by the manual tilting and sliding mechanisms.

Polycarbonate solutions

Find out more about polycarbonate "Processed by Webasto“.

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