Telestart T100 HTM

Intelligent Remote Control for Parking Heaters

Telestart T100 HTM is a wireless, intuitive and ergonomic remote control for Webasto parking heaters. It has been specifically developed for customers with high comfort demand.

Check interior temperature conveniently with built-in LCD display

Built-in LCD display indicates current interior temperature at all times. Several parking heater functions can be monitored via specified display pictograms, thus providing the user a status report about the vehicle and the heater.

Intelligent Heating Time Management (HTM) pre-heats the car for you automatically

Heating Time Management System (HTM) calculates heating time based on three factors: Pre-set departure time, pre-set heating comfort level and current interior temperature. This function comes handy during fluctuating weather conditions and avoids unnecessary long pre-heating cycles during warmer temperatures or far too cold interior temperature after unpredictably frosty nights.

Control your parking heater wirelessly from up to 1,000 meters distance

Thanks to its compact size the T100 HTM can always stay on a keychain with the car keys, in case the heater needs to be switched ON / OFF manually, and it works from up to 1,000 meters distance.

Additional features:

Up to five heating comfort levels can be selected

Heating or summer ventilation modes can be switched

Heating or ventilation time ranging from 10 to 120 minutes can be adjusted

Up to four different remote controls can be connected to one car

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