Why use a heating solution?

Why an air heater?

A cab that is cosy and warm even before starting work, clear visibility without ice and snow – and it’s very easy to install and manage.
Air heaters get your machines in good shape for winter – effectively and cost-efficiently! We supply the air heaters in an output range of 0.9 to 22 kW.

Why a coolant heater?

Cold engines operate inefficiently, causing increasing wear and tear and decreasing service life. What that means for you: higher costs, more fuel, more downtimes.

The best solution for constant productivity even when outdoor temperatures are frosty is to install a Webasto water heater. They are integrated into the engine coolant circuit and bring all the fluids and components up to operating temperature even before starting work.

The cabs are pleasantly pre-heated; fuel-intensive idling while stationary and during breaks become superfluous!
And yet, with an output range of 2.2 to 35 kW, our water heaters meet all individual temperature wishes and needs.