Cooling Solutions for Vans

A well-cooled workplace means more safety for you. Webasto cooling solutions ensure that you stay calm and cool in traffic. And you can rely on medications, food or chemicals to stay fresh. 

Air Filtration System for Ambulances

Medical grade Air Filtration System for ambulances protects healthcare workers against airborne infections.

Solutions for every vehicle

Marine Solutions

Boats and yachts are our passion – just as they are yours. Enjoy unforgettable moments with the perfect atmosphere on board. Webasto is your reliable, invisible companion during your adventurous trips. Feel comfortable no matter where you go or when.

Recreational Vehicles Solutions

Camping is our passion – just as it is yours. Your motorhome or caravan gives you the unique possibility to discover the world and feel comfortable – just as you were at home! Enjoy your holidays with Webasto.

Truck Solutions

Webasto heating and air conditioning solutions create a comfortable working environment inside your trucks interior. It works even when the vehicle is parked and the engine is switched off, which lowers idling times. The lower fuel consumption increases economic efficiency and protects the environment by decreasing emissions.

Solutions for Light-Duty Vehicles

Webasto offers a wide range of high-performance systems to suit specialised transport requirements. Whether it be fresh produce, temperature-sensitive medication or a driver’s cab at a comfortable temperature – we have a tailor-made solution for all vehicle types and for all purposes.

Off-Motorway Solutions

Our solutions are specialised in heating, cooling, light and ventilation for construction and agricultural equipment. They ensure that heat and cold don’t impact your plans: our innovative glass solutions combine comfort and efficiency; our engine-off technology for parking heaters and air conditioners prevents unnecessary engine idling, resulting in enormous savings on fuel.

Minibus & Midibus Solutions

With its broad range of heating systems, air conditioning systems and hatches, Webasto offers tailor-made air conditioning solutions for buses. This offers the best possible comfort and safety for drivers and passengers, as well as effective service for bus operators. An extensive service network guarantees safety throughout the world.

Special Vehicles Solutions

Special vehicles are on the go every day. The crew must be able to rely on the on-board technology, especially on heating and air conditioning systems. These guarantee comfort and safety. Webasto solutions ensure a comfortable working climate both in the interior and in loading spaces, even without the engine running. The lower fuel consumption increases economic efficiency and protects the environment through lower emissions.

People with Drive!

At our more than 50 locations, people are the driving force at Webasto. It is they who advance the sustainable development of our company – so we can continue to always provide our customers with new solutions. You can find current job vacancies and insights here.

Webasto – A tradition of progress

As the global market leader for roof and convertible roof systems, Webasto is among the 100 largest suppliers to the automotive industry worldwide and employs more than 12,000 people.

Webasto Dealer Portal

Climate is our expertise. But only our dealers can build enthusiasm and maintain warm relationships with people. We ensure your success by offering you a variety of practical training and many other services at the Webasto dealer portal.