Ideal working temperatures

High interior temperatures and poor air lower concentration and increase the risk of microsleep. However, a properly air-conditioned workplace means greater endurance and safety. Air conditioning units from Webasto efficiently and continuously ensure a pleasant working environment – enabling you to always keep a cool head regardless of traffic.

Rooftop air conditioning units

Webasto rooftop air conditioning units are as high-performance as they are compact. Tailor-made and also simple to retrofit. If required, the rooftop air conditioning unit can also be painted in the same colour as the vehicle.

Rooftop air conditioning units offer several advantages:

Our rooftop air conditioning products

Integrated air conditioning units

Our units can be installed into almost any vehicle with a wide range of installation options such as underneath the dashboard or roof, in the ceiling or vertically installed on the rear wall. A few models also have a heating option for a complete air conditioning solution.

Advantages of integrated air conditioning units:

Our integrated air conditioning products