Cooling Solutions

Outside, the summer sun beats down on your car, which is delightfully cool on the inside. Pleasant climate is a major advantage for drivers and passengers to enjoy a relaxed ride. And for transported goods it’s actually essential. What air conditioning system is right for which need – Webasto knows that, and always has just the right solution.

For your Boat

Sun, wind and sea – if that’s your passion, you also know that the sun quickly heats up your boat when at sea. Enjoy the heat outside and indulge in the refreshing feel-good climate below deck – with Webasto’s air conditioning solutions. 

For Motorhomes and Caravans

The sun can be a nuisance factor when you’re driving or sleeping. A Webasto air conditioner helps. Webasto offers the right air conditioning solutions for all types of motorhomes and caravans. So, you’re comfortable wherever you are. 

Solutions for Business Owners

Webasto offers high-performance air conditioning solutions for small and mid-size companies. And we always find an appropriate solution for large companies and special transport requirements. Our comprehensive range of services allows you to meet every challenge.

For Vans

A well-cooled workplace means more safety for you. Webasto cooling solutions ensure that you stay calm and cool in traffic. And you can rely on medications, food or chemicals to stay fresh. 

For Lorries

Covering hundreds of motorway kilometres daily – that affects focus. To keep your driver in shape longer, Webasto provides for a comfortable climate in the driver’s cab. With the right cooling solutions, from efficient to powerful.

For Buses

It’s fun to ride in an air-conditioned bus. Your reward: grateful passengers – and your ability to concentrate. Webasto has the right cooling solution for you: from rooftop air conditioners to integrated air conditioning systems.

Additional solutions for application in business