Perfect Temperature

The 21° feeling is not actually a temperature.
It could be that right now you feel particularly good at 22.3°, but tonight you would prefer a temperature of 19.8°.

But we know as a fact that all people tend to prefer temperatures ranging from 20° to 23°. That’s why we see 21° as more of a symbol. A symbol for a perfect state of being. A symbol of constant physical well-being. 
No matter how freezing cold it is outdoors.

Webasto parking heaters provide for a perfect 21° feeling in your vehicle.

For your Car

Comfortable heat in your car, clear road visibility – and that’s even before your drive away. No matter the size of your car is, Webasto has the right parking heater for retrofitting. Ranging from efficient to powerful.

For your Boat

Do you love the fresh breeze wafting across your boat or yacht? And would you love to be warm and dry when you need that? Then get Webasto aboard – so every adventure at sea gets an upgrade with that extra feel-good factor.

For Motorhomes and Caravans

Do you like being on the road? Do you enjoy this freedom – along with Webasto comfort? We have the right heating solution for your motorhome or caravan. Because the best adventure tours start and end in a warm and cosy base camp.

Solutions for Business Owners

Webasto offers high-performance heating systems for small and mid-size companies. And we always find an appropriate solution for large companies and specific transport requirements. Our comprehensive range of services allows you to meet every challenge.

For Vans

Your van helps you get everything safely to its destination – in all kinds of weather. Having reliable technology on board is indispensable. Webasto provides the right heating solution for any requirement.

For Lorries

Your lorry is your workplace. So good climate is a must for you. So you’re not distracted by the cold and can cope with any situation. Webasto takes care of that for you – incidentally also when you’re parked without the engine running.

For Buses

Customised heating solutions for buses. For drivers and operators that means: exactly the right temperature for safety behind the wheel – with efficient performance. And the comfy warmth keeps your passengers in a good mood.

Additional applications in business