The 150-Series is supplied as a complete system. The frame design is dedicated to each yacht. Application engineering and close cooperation between the shipyard and Webasto is required.


Full flush & extra large solution

1. Select panel design

Glass / GRP / Sandwich

2. Define dimensions

Length (total system app. 4,000 mm)/Width (total system app. 2,500 mm)/Curvatures

3. Technical specifications

- Frame (Stainless steel construction, Laser cut & welded)
- Seal (Inside seal fixed to GRP Hard Top for 100 % water tightness)
- Mechanism (Tilting and sliding mechanism fixed to frame parts, mechanism is including fixation brackets for the panel)
- Drive system 24 V DC motor fixed onto the frame part and connected to mechanism)
- Panel (Front and rear panel)
- Manual override (Special key to operate the roof manually, e.g. in case of power failure)

Product features

Fully integrated roof design

Watertight sealing

Selection of different panel materials

Extra large dimensions and opening

Sliding panel is tilting at rear and front side