Our BlueCool S-Series come with various upgrades. The complete reworked range offers even higher performance although the units are quieter and more compact. Scope of delivery include a complete system, e.g. core unit, control unit, etc.

The new S-Series offers a unique new feature with the BlueCool Expert Tool connected via a single USB cable and a PC. On site servicing and remote assistance are now a child’s play.

Plug and play:

- New controller board with USB interface
- Outside interface for sensor and display (plug and play)
- Optional soft-start unit: strong reduction of start-up peak
- Easy installation with mounting brackets

Product features

Up to 15 % increased efficiency

Continuous operation even under tropical conditions

Overall size is reduced up to 20 %

Suitable for worldwide usage

New electronics with USB diagnosis

Quiet operation & robust design

Soft start devices available as an option