The heater is operated via an electric cable connected to a 230 V power outlet. Thanks to the integrated trickle charge function for 12 V batteries, the car battery is automatically charged throughout the entire duration of operation. The eThermo Top Eco is conveniently controlled via the well-known Webasto control elements or with a timer for the power outlet.


High-level comfort and convenience of the proven Webasto quality

100 % electrical, does not generate any emissions and may also be operated in enclosed spaces (i.e. garages)

Up to 40 % cheaper than fuel-powered parking heaters – depending on the car model

Preserves battery performance and contributes to a secure engine start

Unparalleled climate comfort: simultaneous and consistent heating of the engine and the interior

Clear visibility in the shortest possible time: windscreen and front windows will be completely de-iced at an outdoor temperature of -10°C within 60 minutes

Convenient operation via the app, remote control or preset timer with the current choice of Webasto control elements