The heater operates quietly while consuming minimal electrical power and fuel. Choose from an installation mounted outside, in the double-floor or inside the vehicle. The integrated altitude sensor constantly ensures an optimal combustion process in altitudes up to 2,200 m – under lower air pressure and with a lower oxygen ratio.
The Air Top 2000 STC model is offered with an optional altitude mode (in combination with the MultiControl).


Specific kits have been developed to specifically match the unique needs and demands of the RV market.
Using a RV kit guarantees fully satisfied customers:
- Extra low noise applications (extra silent fuel pumps, vibration clacking brackets)
- Exhaust and air intake silencers
- External temperature sensor obligatory for RV applications
- Quick and easy installation thanks to new organisation of kits and included installation overviews


Compact heaters with proven efficiency

New and improved technology, e.g. with respect to service life and heat up time

Easy installation, underfloor or in the interior

Constant ambient temperature, continuous control

Manual altitude function possible for Air Top 2000 STC

Low consumption, quiet operation

Intelligent Blower Control

Complete installation kits for fast retrofitting