Configure your chiller system in these main steps:

Product options for BlueCool P-Series
The BlueCool P-Series is highly customisable to the demands of shipyards and national legislation. In addition to a wide range of cooling capacities, many options can be selected to customise the chiller to your needs. For further options, please contact the sales support team at Webasto.

Option 1: Voltage
All P-Series chillers are available as 400 V / 3-phase version. On most models 208 V / 3-phase or 230 V / single phase is available as well.

Option 2: Cool Only Version
For regions where heating is not required some units are available as cool only version.

Option 3: Tropical Version
For high sea water temperatures > 32 °C, a tropical chiller version with enlarged condensers shall be selected to avoid high pressure cut-outs. Option is highly recommended whenever the boat may travel in regions where sea water temperatures may be above 32 °C.

Option 4: Soft Start
In order to reduce the amperage draw at compressor start a soft start may be chosen as an option.

Product features

Professional chiller system for medium to large boats and superyachts

Highly customisable chiller series with large range of 30,000 – 572,000 BTU/h to adapt to cooling demand

Successor of our BlueCool Premium scroll compressor range for high reliability

Multiple compressor units with independent cooling circuits for high availability

Range extension with 8 new models

Improved electronics – new electronic box with easier access to components – new PCB with increased circuit protection, now also fulfilling highest EMC standards EN 60945

Easy configuration, application tuning and diagnosis via BlueCool Expert Tool

Optional CAN-Bus for integration into boats central monitoring systems

Unique Thermostatic Advance Function for power output continuously adapted to cooling demand

Redesigned trays for easier mounting of silent blocks to reduce vibrations

Electrical systems can be upgraded to customer needs with PRO box or fulfilling MCA requirements