Extremely smart & efficient

The performance of compressor fridges is significantly better than any absorption fridge on the market. The compressor fridge technology is an innovative technology for more comfort in the recreational vehicle market. Today, with our Isotherm refrigeration solutions, we can offer you very quiet and compact compressors thanks to the sole use of automotive validated Secop/Danfoss products. 

Fridges for the motorhome and caravan market

Webasto has been in a partnership with an Italian refrigerator producer for five years and thus has been able to offer fridge technology to the marine market. Webasto now also offers the possibility to enjoy sophisticated fridge solutions within the motorhome and caravan market.

The refrigeration brand Isotherm is already well-known in the worldwide marine market for high-quality compressor fridge solutions. Webasto now provides these proven solutions specially to motorhome and caravan manufacturers of all nations. The combination of performance, size and fridge volume makes the compressor fridge not only interesting for motorhome enthusiasts but also caravan users.

Combination of style & technology – Cruise Elegance refrigerators

The Cruise Elegance refrigerators are available in four sizes, from a 49- to 130-litre capacity.

Product overview (Indel Webasto Marine)

For best everyday use – Drawer refrigerators

The Isotherm Drawer refrigerators allow customers easy access to drinks and food thanks to a robust drawer mechanism.

Product overview (Indel Webasto Marine)

Take away comfort – Travel boxes

Isotherm Travel Boxes provide the perfect solution to carry fresh drinks and food.

Product overview (Indel Webasto Marine)

A solution for every need – Custom refrigerators

Webasto’s intention to provide sophisticated Isotherm compressor fridges is to offer solutions which haven’t been seen by the RV market yet.

Product overview (Indel Webasto Marine)

How does it work?

The compressor compresses gas (R134a). When the compressed gas is released, it expands in the evaporator and absorbs heat. This heat is drawn from the evaporator positioned in the cabinet and then cools down the fridge. In Isotherm fridges the evaporator is not always hidden and integrated into the cabinet foam which provides even better performance. 

Achieve significant energy savings

With Isotherm Smart Energy Control, we offer the very unique opportunity to dramatically reduce power consumption of refrigeration appliances.