Truly Proven Excellence: the Fuel-Operated Parking Heater

Instead of freezing, get right into a warm car – the Webasto parking heater gets you wonderfully snug in the cold season, even before you drive off. That means more comfort and safety: with a warm and cosy interior, clear windows and a preheated engine.

Truly Proven Excellence: the Fuel-Operated Parking Heater

For Every Car Size

The Thermo Top Evo family of parking heaters is available in three performance classes: 4, 5 and 5+. Thus, you can also find precisely the right solution for your car. As the most powerful heater in its class, the Thermo Top Evo 5+ also heats large interior spaces quickly and efficiently. 

How it Works

1. Parking heater is activated
2. The heater begins its start-up process, the heater is supplied with fuel conveyed from the vehicle tank.
3. The fuel-air mix is ignited, the cold coolant water is heated up in the heater.
4. The heated water – driven by the circulation pump – flows on to the heat exchanger of the vehicle’s own heater.
5. Heat is channelled directly into the interior via the vehicle fan.
6. The warm water flows on to the engine. The latter is also warmed up.
7. When a specific temperature is reached (approx. 80 °C), the heater shuts off, the circulation pump continues to run in order to keep on heating the interior.

How it Works

Good for the Engine and the Environment

A preheated engine is subject to less wear and tear, as it is already at the right operating temperature when you drive off. Moreover, a warm engine consumer less fuel and emits fewer pollutants.

Fast Warmup for Short Drives

If you want to be warm especially quickly: choose the Webasto Individual Quick Add-On Kit. It concentrates the entire heating power on the interior and the windscreen. Thus, it gets warm inside in half the time – in only 15 minutes.

More Heating Power for Retrofitting

Do you drive a diesel vehicle, a large-scale model or a car with automatic start-stop? Such vehicles often have difficulty heating the interior space sufficiently on really cold days. To address this, Webasto offers an auxiliary heating function.

Convenient to Operate

You operate your new parking heater conveniently our innovative Webasto control units.

ThermoCall – The Mobile One

Activate the parking heater anytime and from anywhere: with the ThermoCall app, you are completely independent.


The App for Parking Heaters and More - Simply via an app on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

MultiControl – The Versatile One

Monday you’re early, Tuesday leave later? The MultiControl preset timer stores up to three preset times per weekday.

Telestart T100 HTM – The Intelligent One

Have the desired temperature precisely at the time you want to drive off – the Telestart T100 HTM takes care of that for you.  

Telestart T99 - The Elegant One

Simple and easy to use transmitter combines all essential functions in its elegant, compact and portable housing.