Air Conditioning Solutions

With many years of expertise in the vehicle sector, Webasto develops air conditioning
solutions for work and pleasure. Providing rooftop, integrated and self-contained systems
which are engineered for high performance efficiency and reliability. Webasto is continously
investing to establish an extensive network of highly trained and certified sales & service
providers for your peace of mind.


Webasto's large portfolio of cooling solutions will keep boats & yachts of any size cool and dry all summer long. The wide range of self-contained A/C systems, chillers, air handlers and accessories are designed to be compact, quiet, and easy to retrofit.  

Light & Medium Duty/Work Vehicles

Whether it is a work truck, touring van, limousine, animal transport, perishables transport or passenger van, Webasto offers high-performance air conditioning systems to suit your specific requirements.


Webasto Air Conditioning Solutions provide superior operator comfort, regardless of the heat and the cab's glass construction. Reduce idling during wait and load times, save fuel and increase productivity with a custom air-conditioning solution.