Webasto introduces a new technology, new components and new units to provide a comprehensive solution for the electric commercial vehicle market. Bringing over a decade of expertise, Webasto is able to integrate the components into one holistic system. 

Explore the Webasto E-Mobility portfolio which features Charging, Battery and Thermal Management Solutions to provide optimal temperature to passengers, batteries, drive train and electronics.

Battery Systems

Webasto introduces the CV Standard Battery System, which is a modular, scalable, Plug & Play solution for most commercial vehicle applications. Our system is developed according to the highest standards to ensure excellent performance and simplified system integration, allowing for an economical solution for your battery needs. 

Thermal Management

Webasto combines its decade long expertise into an integrated Thermal Management System for electric vehicles. Introducing new technology and components into one fully integrated system, the concept ensures constant and optimal temperatures for passenger, battery, drive train and power electronics. 

Power Cycling and Testing Systems

Webasto Power Cycling and Test Systems provide an application for virtually all markets, including hybrid and electric vehicles, heavy industrial, marine and aviation, energy storage, power electronics and test labs. Cycling stations are available to cover a wide range of power and voltage needs, with the capability to test and cycle batteries, simulation, energy storage, power generation equipment testing and electric vehicle testing.

Passenger Car Charging

Webasto's charging solutions help make the right choice for environmentally friendly mobility. With our high-performance charging stations, professional installation, and comprehensive services, Webasto has the right charging solution for your passenger car e-mobility application.

Industrial Charging

PosiCharge by Webasto offers the highest performing industrial charging solutions for forklifts and material handling, airport ground support equipment, as well as battery management and accessories. Built with industry leading technology and backed by a strong history of innovation, PosiCharge significantly increases performance and safety, while reducing operating costs.

Why Webasto?

  • We lead the emerging E-mobility market by pioneering charging solutions and battery technology.

  • We test our products far beyond industry standards to deliver the highest quality products.

  • We've sold over 115,000 EV chargers and are the preferred partner for leading automakers.