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Webasto Customized Solutions is one Business Unit within the Webasto Group and consists of Thermo Management (Heating & Cooling) and Energy Management (Battery & Charging).


Our core strength lies in our customer orientation, broad product portfolio, tailormade solutions and in our service attitude. With the aim to understand the needs of our customers and translate them into perfect fitting solutions, we thrive to make our customers’ world more comfortable & sustainable.

We offer the full range of standard, customized and premium solutions to make our customers feel the comfort of driving as well as innovative solutions to fulfill their needs. We can build on a fundament of standard-solutions & bring an innovative, technical and quality expertise along to be able to develop customized solutions - wherever needed.

Heike Niehues

Heike Niehues

Member of the Management Board

Webasto Thermo & Comfort 

Executive Vice President

Webasto Customized Solutions 

Curriculum Vitae

Heike Niehues has been a member of the Management Board of Webasto Thermo & Comfort since 2018. As Executive Vice President she is responsible for all business areas of Webasto Customized Solutions (CS) worldwide. With great dynamism and enthusiasm, she drives the further development of CS to ensure the future viability of our hardware and software products and solutions for customers. She moved from Robert Bosch GmbH, where she worked for more than 20 years in various technical and management roles, including in Japan and Taiwan. From 2011 to 2014, she was Managing Director of Unipoint Electric MFG. Co. in Taiwan, a company that was acquired by the Bosch Group. After returning, she took over the global workshop organization in Germany. 

Heike lives with her family with two sons in Munich and Stuttgart. She is interested in Asian lifestyle and food culture, and likes to spend her time outside skiing and hiking in the fresh air.

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