Reliable Refrigeration for Transporters

Freshness is crucial for many types of products, whether these are medications, paints and chemicals, fruits and vegetables, fish and meat. So when they are transported, everything has to be exactly right: the perfectly suited refrigeration system, high-performance technology and its convenient operation. Webasto is the leading international specialist for climate control systems – of course that applies to both original equipment and retrofitting of transport vehicles.

Quality pays off – with foodstuffs and cooling systems from Webasto.

Perfect cooling, reliable transportation

Superlative climate quality, customised solutions and comprehensive service are the hallmarks of Webasto. It’s not just the international manufacturers of serial-production vehicles who put their trust in all we do, it is also the aftermarket and automotive customers. They know: Webasto always develops intelligent solutions for their specific requirements and is always a step ahead in terms of technology. Incidentally, this also goes for product design.
To provide superior quality, everything must be exactly right – that was and is what drives us.

Rooftop solutions

The main components of the Webasto rooftop transport refrigeration system are accommodated in a compact, aerodynamic housing. The cooling systems, with capacity options up to 5,640 W, are suitable for fresh produce delivery (> 0 °C) and for deep frozen cargo (< 0 °C). An optional standby function allows cooling independently of the engine.

Advantages of rooftop transport refrigeration systems:

  • Compact design
  • Integrated compressor in the condenser unit of all battery-operated solutions
  • Optimum harmonisation of air conditioning components
  • Quick and easy installation

Integrated solutions

Webasto integrated transport refrigeration systems are suitable for fresh produce delivery (> 0 °C) and for deep frozen cargo (< 0 °C). They are available in various capacities up to 3,660 W. An optional standby function allows operation independently of the engine. The system components are fully integrated into the vehicle and can be tailored to the individual application and requirements. Vehicle-specific installation kits are available.

Advantages of integrated transport refrigeration system:

  • Complete integration into the transport refrigeration vehicle
  • No effect on aerodynamic characteristics
  • Optional rapid defrost function