Webasto Air Filtration System

Medical Grade HEPA H14 Certified Systems for City and Shuttle Busses

Retrofit Any Public Transport Vehicle With Medical Grade Air Filtration System.

Commited to Public Health and Safety

Webasto filtration systems HFT 300 and HFT 600 are specifically designed to filter air in the driver and passenger cabin of public transportation vehicles, removing 99.995% particulates corresponding to SARS/COVID-19 virus sizes (0.1 micrometers) and effectively reducing the risk of infection.


Effective Driver and Passenger Protection

Webasto HEPA Filter Top combines two main features to reduce viral loads in ambient air: a very high air volume flow for the rapid and complete filtration of the air every single minute and the extremely high removal efficiency of HEPA H14 filters.


It can be easily installed in any existing vehicle and is uniquely able to offer the same level of HEPA-14 filtration as used in air filtration systems in ambulances.

Highest Filtration Class HEPA H14

The Webasto System utilizes medical grade high-efficiency particulate air filters (HEPA), which are critical in the prevention of the spread of airborne bacterial and viral organisms. In combination with personal protective equipment such as community masks, this type of filtration greatly reduces the risk of infection for emergency medical service operators.


High Air Cycle Rates

The unit complies with the International HEPA Filter standards WHO / CDC / ECDC, requiring 60 air changes per hour for infection control ambulances.


HEPA technology removes 99.995% airborne infections

Compact, Easy and Fast Retrofit Solution

Contamination Free Exchange of H14 Filters

Up to 10m3 Fresh Air every Minute

Key benefits at a glance

  • Removes 99.995% of airborne infections and contaminants
  • HEPA H14 classified filter
  • High air exchange rate
  • Up to 10 m³ fresh air every minute
  • Ultra compact and lightweight
  • Hasslefree installation in less than 30 minutes
  • Contamination free exchange of H14 filters
  • Available in three versions: 200, 300 and 600 m³/h
  • Available in 12 and 24 Volt
  • Automatic filter monitoring feature
  • Compliant with European Medical Device Directive CE 47/2007
  • Meets WHO / CDC / ECDC air filtration guidelines
  • CE/UL compliant

Technical Specification

HFT 200 HFT 300 HFT 600
Nominal voltage (V)
12 [24] 12/24 (1) 12/24 (1)
Current consumption@12V (A)
4.0 [2.1] 7.1 14.2
Air flow rate (m3/h)
190 300 600
Air filtration level
H14 H14 H14
MPPS Efficiency
99.995% 99.995% 99.995%
Sound level (dB)
66.5 (2)69 (2)ca. 70 (3)
Dimensions O.D.x L (mm)
200 x 600 200 x 600 200 x 1200
Weight (kg)
ON/OFF rocker switch
NoYes / NoNo
Installation position
Vertical / Horizontal (4)Vertical / Horizontal (4)Horizontal (4)
Temperature Range (C°)
-20° - +60° -20° to +60° -20° to +60°
(1) 24V available with a DC/DC converter.(4) Other positions are not recommended as they were not tested S&V.
(2) Measured at 1m distance from the air inlet in 3 different positions. Test reports available on request. 
(3) To be confirmed.                                                                                                                                                                        

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