Telestart T99

Simplest Way to Control Webasto Parking Heaters Remotely

Telestart T99 is the entry level remote control for all current Webasto water heater classes and their sub-versions. The handheld transmitter combines all essential functions in it’s elegant, compact and portable housing.

Modern and timeless design

The Telestart T99 is made of high quality automotive-grade plastics and chrome plated metal, with elegant design ring holder and complements all types of existing car key fobs.


Up to 1.000 meters range

All current Webasto water heaters can be conveniently operated from a range of up to 1.000 m wirelessly.


Select heating time over distance

By default the heater operating time is set for 30 minutes, but with a push of a button it can be individually adjusted between 10 – 120 minutes. Additionally, the continuous operating mode can be switched on, which is exclusive for RV specific water heater versions.


Switch between winter heating and summer air ventilation modes

During hot summer days an air ventilation function can be switched on as well, in order to equalize high air temperature inside the vehicle with outside ambient temperature.


Additional features:

Multi-colored LED for status report

One remote control for different vehicle types

Up to four remote controls per vehicle possible with family function

Supports all current Webasto water heater classes and versions

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