Innnovative Marine Solutions

Our winning formula: Innovation and Global Presence

Our great position in the Automotive Industry gives us access to advanced technologies and unique testing facilities developed thanks to the volume from bigger industries and we make it available for Marine.  

We are thrilled by Innovation and capability to bring user-friendly solutions. We are also able to customize these solutions to meet some exclusive needs of our customers. 

Webasto, a global Footprint 

We also have worldwide subsidiaries able to support shipyards, validating the applications and giving world class customer support on boats that could be produce on one continent, sold in a second one and navigating in a third one. 

Cooling Systems

BlueCool V-PRO Series - NEW

The BlueCool V-PRO Series is the new variable speed chiller system to build large, chilled water systems. 

This chiller system consists of 4 different modular sizes which may be flexibility combined to provide up to 1 Mio BTU/h. The V-PRO system comes with a number of intelligent functions and optional accessories to match your demands. 

  • 4 units - 2 sizes - ONE system 
  • Fully autonomous units for high system availability 
  • Water flow monitoring 
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance 


Roof solutions

Telescopic Shade - NEW -

Customizable Marine Shade System

Designed and developed to extend your time on the water, while keeping you protected from the sun.

  • Customizable widths up to 8 feet (2500mm) 
  • Self-adjusting within 5 mm 
  • High-quality, eco-friendly shade fabric 
  • Marine-grade stainless steel tubing 
  • Easily retrofitted or integrated by boat builders 

Webasto offers much more....

Our Marine Heating Products

Heaters have a longstanding tradition at Webasto. For more than 80 years we have been at the cutting edge when it comes to the development of fuel-operated heating technology. Leading manufacturers and boat builders rely on the advanced design and technology of our Webasto heaters.

Our Marine Roof Solutions

Light and fresh air are essentials aboard a boat or yacht. Webasto offers you a wide range of marine roof solutions, to be customized to the shape, size and design of your deck. They benefit from Webasto’s worldwide technological leadership in automotive sunroofs.

Easy access to drinks and food

Enjoying fresh food even on the high seas - that’s indispensable for the health and well-being of the crew. Discover our comfort solutions for your boat.

Our Marine Air-Conditioning Solutions

Don’t you enjoy the refreshing feeling of an air-conditioned cabin after a hot sunny day on deck? With Webasto you can enjoy unforgettable moments on board. Stay refreshed wherever your journey may lead you.


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