Marine Chiller Units

BlueCool V-PRO Series

The BlueCool V-PRO Series is the new variable speed chiller system to build large, chilled water systems.


Product overview

BlueCool V-Series

Variable speed chiller air conditioning system.
The BlueCool V-Series brings innovation to the industry with the latest technology for maximum performance in varying weather conditions. The BlueCool V-Series, including the three capacity models V50 M, V64 T & V77 T, with a cooling capacity up to 77,000 BTU is suitable for boats with three or more independent cabins.

Product overview

BlueCool C-Series

Whenever three or more independent areas in a yacht need to be air-conditioned, a central chiller system is the right choice. The system features one central control unit and a separate control panel for each cabin. For smaller chiller systems up to 108,000 BTU/h, the BlueCool C-Series is the perfect choice.

Product overview

BlueCool P-Series

The new professional chiller system for medium-size to larger boats and superyachts is highly adaptable to the requirements of shipyards and national legislation. In addition to their great cooling capacity, the systems can be individually customised with a variety of options.

Product overview

BlueCool A-Series

The central chiller unit is typically installed in the engine room, providing chilled water/glycol to all cabins via a water circuit. One or more air handler(s) in each cabin are fitted to generate the required cooling capacities individually in each room.



Product Overview

Innovation to touch

The next generation of control elements.
New MyTouch display control unit as standard for all BlueCool A/C series. Intuitive operation thanks to simple symbols and a clearly organised control menu in ten languages.

Compatible with Vimar Eikon, Eikon Evo and other cover plates.