Off-Highway Heating Solutions

Webasto auxiliary heaters are designed to perform in the most demanding off-highway conditions. Offering an ideal solution for engine pre-heat, operator comfort, increased productivity, safety and mission readiness for a wide variety of vehicles and machinery. Webasto heaters are versatile and can be used in mining, construction, oil fields, forestry, agriculture, industrial and other off-highway applications.

Save fuel with reduced idling and provide an efficient work environment in all climates.

Air Heaters

Air heaters operate independently of the engine, allowing the operator to maintain interior temperatures without idling the machine. Air Top heaters feature a compact construction, enabling easy and flexible installation. 

Coolant Heaters

Coolant heaters bring the engine to optimum operating temperature, as well as the option to heat the cab and hydraulic fluids, even before starting the work day. This allows the operator to begin working immediately, rather than idling during startup, breaks and load times.

Integrated Heat Exchangers

Integrated Heat Exchangers are available in various capacities, allowing for multiple configurations and installation positions. These exchangers can be paired with a fuel operated heater to allow for a more robust engine-off heating solution.

High Voltage Heaters

The electric High Voltage Heater (HVH) is the ideal heating system for hybrids and electric machinery, converting DC electric power into heat. Webasto‘s innovative technology achieves extremely fast heat-up times, high precision and high efficiency.

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