Cooler Than a Cooler

Webasto's Fridge Freezer will keep you off the grid for a few days! The FF31 is made from a specialized composite material that's light weight and durable for the most demanding trips. It is equipped with the most efficient compressor for a super low power draw and bad battery protection for ultimate peace of mind. 



The Webasto Fridge Freezer (FF31) is road-tested and Mother Nature approved! This mobile fridge / freezer can can handle up to 31 quarts of food and beverages to keep you on the road. 

  • Mobile Fridge / Freezer n 0° to 50°F (-18° to 10°C)
  • Low, compact profile with slim handle design
  • 12/24V DC or 115/230V AC Power
  • 3-Stage battery protection