Ideal Conditions for Medical Products

Transporting medicines places particular demands on your fleet. This is because medicines are valuable freight. Production of medicines is often time-consuming, expensive and they are often expected to arrive urgently. These delicate goods therefore require reliable, professional transportation.

Webasto offers heating and cooling systems for transporting medicines – suitable for all climates and every budget.

Clear specifications from legislators

Directive 2001/83/EC from the European Union states the general conditions for safe transportation and professional distribution of medicines. This directive will be transposed into national law by individual Member States.

EU Directive 2001/83/EC, Article 80 (g)
Suppliers and distributors of medicines are responsible for:

  • Ensuring and maintaining predefined temperatures in the cargo area
  • Usage of correspondingly equipped transporters
  • Evidence regarding adherence to the required temperatures

Equip your vehicle fleet before these new regulations come into effect – with tailor-made heating, air conditioning and transport refrigeration solutions from Webasto. We also offer matching operating elements.

Appropriate pharmaceutical solutions

Webasto can offer an ideal solution for all conceivable applications, even and especially for transporting medical products.

Systems for every budget

From cost-effective entry models to individually tailor-made solutions, Webasto has a suitable air conditioning system for every budget.