Without detours to the best solution.

A service that provides value to the customer, in addition to the pure product advantages. A service that unites all the competencies of a company and is available for each and every individual solution.
At Webasto, we call it Service 360°.

Webasto is present with over 50 locations around the world. Our roof and convertible roof as well as heating, cooling and ventilation systems are in use in just about every country on all continents.

As diverse as these countries and our global customers may be, they all expect the same high quality standards of us. Webasto as a company has been developing, producing and selling products for the automotive industry for over 75 years, we are well aware of the decisive role that service plays in all that we do.

Service 360° must be professionally capable and yet straightforward.

Our sales organization functions as the central link between your needs and the experts in the various specialist departments, giving you access to the full scope of Webasto service offers.

Webasto Engineering & Technical Services

The same professional support in pre-sales for customer-specific applications as in after-sales with fast support and optimum availability.

Webasto Testing & Validation

Highest quality assurance due to in-house testing across the entire process from product design all the way to installation and aftersales services.

Webasto Logistics

Optimum availability of products and spare parts: over 98% in the original equipment business and 95% in the aftermarket.

Webasto Training

Selected training sessions and programs support the establishment and maintenance of on-site technical expertise.

Webasto Marketing

Professional consultancy and support at building the brand and increase sales through access to our marketing services.

Webasto Priority Service

The 24/7 emergency hotline and over 500 qualified Webasto dealers are ready for you all over Europe, so your cargo gets to its destination safely.